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Hi, my name is Bill Stepheson. My best friend from college and I set out to create an online communication platform where designers from iPhone application designs, website development, to graphical and corporate business design could get together and bounce ideas off of one another.

As designers, we know that the world of design is always changing—and it’s doing so at a very rapid pace. You need a way to stay up to date with all that is happening in the design world that doesn’t force you to spend hours upon hours of reading news magazines or going to site after site hoping to find some useful information for your next project.

Look no further. Apptivatehawaii.com has an incredible set of contributors who know exactly what’s happening at all times and are current with all of the latest elements that need to be continually integrated into web-based platforms.

Staying in front of design curves is not something only innovative companies do, but it is something that all companies need to do in the modern marketplace. With the growth of ecommerce, well-designed and well-functioning online-based user systems are 100 percent essential. You can now lose thousands of dollars in sales and advertising just by not having you website correctly optimized or designed from the outset. This illustrates the importance of investing in your online platform and brand.

Within the pages of the site, you will find all you need to know to make an excellent informed decision about the future of your business. Will you be choosing a fresh and sleek new design for your next launch or will you be using the outdated, stale designs of the past? Only you can decide. We’re just here to help.