Biometric Technologies Increase Gun Safety

Guns are a hot topic all throughout the United States—and they are especially within the tech community. Being a tech company in Hawaii, I see this each and every day.

I work in one of the least friendly states to guns and gun owners in one of the least friendly industries to guns and gun owners.

The problem I have with much of how the tech industry approaches the problem of gun violence is they forget completely about the industry that they work in—technology! Why can’t we bring in some new, innovative technologies to reduce gun violence without stripping away the freedoms of law-abiding citizens?

Whatever happened to the technological revolution changing the world? Maybe other people in the tech industry have lost the grandeur that once surrounded this revolutionary space, but I have not, and I think that we can successfully use 21st century technologies to make our communities safer and protect the rights of people who use their firearms legally.

BioMetrics and Gun Safes

One of the other fatal problems with the tech industry’s attitudes towards gun ownership is they assume everyone in all areas of society is exactly like them. Everyone has the same experiences, the same upbringing, the same culture, the same everything.

People in urban New York or Chicago do not have the same life experiences and someone in Missouri, Iowa, or Montana. Everything is different about these people and their everyday lives.

Enter biometrics and the firearms industry.

What has long been a problem in urban cities are criminals getting access to illegal firearms. For whatever reason the rural communities don’t have this problem. It’s just the big cities, and the only solution they seem to be able to come up with is banning any and all firearms.

With biometric technology, however, we stand in a much better position to keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals.

For instance, consider a standard wall mounted liberty gun safe, these have a combination lock or a key lock of some kind that can be broken into by criminals if they are good enough, but with the advent of biometrics, we don’t have this problem anymore. We can now make it so only one person can open a safe, or people with certain fingerprints or DNA types.

Things like this have always been possibly (somewhat), but the technology has finally gotten to a point where it is affordable for the common man to get a system like this.

If we can get more protected gun safes in the homes of everyday Americans using this kind of gun safe, think about how many guns we will be able to keep off the streets. This kind of technology can be included in anything from a biometric truck gun safe or a handgun lockbox that fits under your bed.

Most of these safes are stack on fireproof gun safes that can withstand hours of high heat, so the lock and electrical systems would all hold up under extreme pressures.

This is just one avenue that I find promising and interesting, but I’m sure there are more out there. It’s time that we start reevaluating our approach to gun safety measures. We don’t need to ban everyone and anyone from owning a firearm.

We just need to get smarter about how we approach the problem.

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