The Home Depot Suppliers and Service Providers

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Choose this category if you are an existing supplier that sells merchandise or an existing carrier that transports merchandise and are looking to:

  • Access important Home Depot information and reference guides
  • Manage contact information
  • Access applications and reports

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Choose this category if you are a prospective supplier for stores in the U.S. that is not currently under contract with The Home Depot and are inquiring to:

  • Have your merchandise sold within our retail stores or online via

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Choose this category if you are an existing or prospective non-merchandise supplier looking to:

  • Provide general/store supplies (i.e. shelving, display signage, fixtures)
  • Provide IT services (staffing & computer software/hardware)
  • Provide maintenance or custodial services
  • Provide financial services
  • Provide marketing & communication services
  • Provide transportation & logistics

Existing Non-Merchandise Suppliers: Log Into HomeDepotLink  

Prospective Non-Merchandise Suppliers: Request Information via Email

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Choose this category if you are an existing or prospective installation service provider and are looking to:

  • Manage customer installation orders
  • Access compliance, badges and licenses
  • View Voice of the Customer (VOC) scores
  • Access communications, promotions and training
  • View payment information
  • Download documents and forms

Existing Installation Service Providers: Log Into HDConnect    

Prospective Installation Service Providers: Apply Now

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Our Supplier Diversity program's mission is to form mutually beneficial partnerships with small and diverse businesses which allow us to deliver superior and innovative products and services.  

There are many ways to qualify as a small or diverse business within our Supplier Diversity program:

  • Small Business (Manufacturing/Product Companies) Under 500 employees
  • Small Business (Services Companies) Between $7M and $25M in annual revenues
  • Minority-owned Business
  • Woman-owned Business
  • Veteran-owned Business

Our program provides an avenue to directly engage The Home Depot buyers with your product or service offering through our state-of-the-art potential supplier system and sourcing opportunities database.  Applications are sent to the appropriate buyer within 72 hours of submission and applicants receive a timely response from that buyer within 60 days.  

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For regular businesses, small businesses and diverse-owned businesses looking to become a Home Depot supplier or Home Depot service provider, we encourage you to apply today. We actively seek new relationships and partnerships with companies who can help us serve our customers by supplying great tools and materials they need to keep their homes, yards, gardens and landscapes looking great and running smoothly.  

We count on Home Depot vendors to help stock our shelves in each and every store, and to help us keep our inventory at optimum levels for our products on So apply to become a Home Depot supplier or service provider today and join the thousands of businesses that proudly call themselves a Home Depot partner.

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