Technology in Home Brewing and Beer Supplies

The technology revolution has influenced one way or another every single aspect of our lives, down to the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the cars we drive.

Today I want to talk about how technology is affecting and improving the beer that we drink.

It used to be that people drank beer because it was the only way to ensure that harmful and deadly bacteria were eliminated. The brewing process through fermentation got rid of this problem and allowed large sums of potable water (beer) to be consumed and stored for periods of time.

In much of the 19th and 20th centuries, however, this process as a necessity quickly became obsolete with electricity being widespread and the eventual invention of the refrigerator. As a result, the process of brewing beer was lost by the everyday person.

In the last 10 or 15 years, however, the United States specifically has seen a huge resurgence in brewing beer at home with kits and other supplies. This is due to the fact that technology has made these materials and these kits cheap enough for the average, ordinary person to get involved in the home brewing process.

Not only have we seen a huge increase in the volume of Americans making and creating their own beer, we are now starting to see some of these craft beer enthusiasts start their own breweries or beer clubs. This means that there are being jobs created too. As I said, the technological revolution influences every single spot of our life.

Changes in Brewing Technologies

What exactly has changed to make things so much more affordable now? Now with modern computer systems, everyday people can regulate, experiment and perfect their own beer recipes, which were never possible before.

With better access to trucking and distribution and new extraction technologies, we can process metal more affordably, which gives breweries better access to the materials that they need. This has all changed in just the last decade or two, so it will be very exciting to see where it goes from here.

In fact, many people are actually joining beer clubs instead of making their own beer. This gives them the availability of a million different types of beer without having to make them.  There are many great clubs, but the best beer clubs for gifts are offered online.

The Future of Brewing

As brewing becomes more and more universal, and beer hobbyist join the home brewing revolution, we will continue to see new, innovative companies disrupting the established corporate interests in the beer brewing and distribution industry.

One of the best things that technology bring to every industry that it enters is the democratization of industry and information. Now everyone can get everything they need to brew their own beer with a single purchase on Amazon. If you want to start brewing your own beer in the 1970s, where would you find this kind of information?

You might find an old book describing some of the processes, but that is only half they problem. Where are you going to get the materials?

With the Internet, all of this can be as simple as the click of a single button or the opening up of an app on your phone. How crazy is that?

Technology is by its nature disruptive and new industries are born each and every day. In the case of home beer making supplies we are seeing a new wave of people entering what was once a closed off, expensive industry to enter.

How Cloud Based Apps Can Help In-Home Water Softeners

Water Softeners and Filters Clean the EarthWe’ve all been there before. We’re at work all day long, come home and we notice that the water softener hadn’t kicked on, so there isn’t any ready for dinner.

Okay, maybe we haven’t all been there, but this actually is a problem in a lot of rural and country communities that don’t have municipal water to use.

You see, for people not living in highly urbanized cities with city water treatment systems, they get their water from a well in the ground. Imagine that!

The only problem is, depending on where you happen to live, this can be hard water that is difficult to drink and doesn’t taste very good.

Enter the modern cloud based app.

How Apps Can Solve Hard Water

With the use of a simply smart phone app, users of compact water softeners can completely control their water system from running an app on their home.

This brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to homeowners using these kinds of water softening filters.

By using a computer algorithm, users can customize and optimize when the best time for their water softener systems to turn on and begin their process.

How does all this help?

Well, the biggest impact this will have on homeowners is cost savings. By optimizing the best times to turn on your water softener system, you can make sure it’s not kicking on at peak energy consumption times, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars each month on electricity.

Not many people think that this kind of customization makes that much of a difference, but when you average it out over 5 to 10 years, it can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. If you figure it this way, you can basically buy yourself a car every 5 to 8 years with the energy savings from your water softener system.

How Does This Save Money on Water Softening?

In case you’re not too familiar with the electricity market (and, let’s be honest, why would you be?), I’ll give a brief explanation of it here.

Electricity is just like any other commodity or product or service that we buy on the market and when there is a higher demand for it the price goes up. When there is a lower demand for it, the price goes down.

The peak electricity consumption is in the early evening, and the demand goes down to almost nothing late at night when people are sleeping. This means prices are much less expensive late in the night. If you can schedule your softening schedule around this time, you can save boatloads of money.

With this new app, you can do just that. You can completely customize your schedule to save the most money possible.

As an added bonus and convenience too, you can run the system virtually from your phone from anywhere. This helps if you just forget to run it one day or if you don’t have it set up to run automatically.

It’s wonderful to see how much easier technology makes out lives each and every day.

Smart-Phone Apps That Help You Teach English in Nanjing

teaching english jobs abroad in china

There is a huge rise in the smart phone app marketplace. What was thought impossible just a few years ago is now commonplace in the app world.

Apps are changing the way we use our phones and what we use them for, and these changes are happening in everyway from how we travel, where we live, to what job we want to do, all three of which are incorporated into a new app service that is being discussed in the education field.

It’s long been known about educational professionals about the lack of good, quality teaching instructors. Schools all across the country and all across the globe are looking to fill teaching positions, but doing so requires getting in contact with the right applicant. This need for good teachers is compounded even more in foreign markets like China, Japan, and Indonesia.

Imagine all of the troubles that American schools face when trying to find a teacher to fill a classroom opening, but then apply it to a Chinese school looking to find a native English speaker to fill a job opening. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of schools across China that have English teaching jobs in Hangzhou and elsewhere.

So, the question that app developers have been asking themselves, is how do we connect these two groups of people? How can we connect those people in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and elsewhere who want an English teaching job in Nanjing with the schools in China who are looking to employ teachers?

The answer is simple: smart phone app technology.

College students all across the world find their smart phones to be an indispensable part of their person. People feel connected to the phones in a very real way. Schools need to find a way to develop apps that can make a network connection of people trying to enter the teaching profession, because trust me, there are plenty looking for jobs.

What we here are do is work with companies that are trying to develop such a technology for these schools. We are working primarily with schools in China and other parts of Asia, but we are willing to work with any educational institutions that are interested. Our number one priority as app developers is to get people using the platform, listen to their feedback, and develop a system that works for people on both ends of the spectrum: the students/teachers looking for English teaching jobs in Baotou and the schools there looking to find the teachers.

And we’re open to new ideas. What are your thoughts of such a platform? What would you, a potential employee, a potential employee, be looking for in usability? What type of interface fits the theme of the app? These are all questions that go on in an app developer’s before a concept can be brought to the forefront.

Those are today’s thoughts from the desk. I’ll keep you up to date as things progress with the teaching app and as more schools join on to start using the platform.