How Cloud Based Apps Can Help In-Home Water Softeners

Water Softeners and Filters Clean the EarthWe’ve all been there before. We’re at work all day long, come home and we notice that the water softener hadn’t kicked on, so there isn’t any ready for dinner.

Okay, maybe we haven’t all been there, but this actually is a problem in a lot of rural and country communities that don’t have municipal water to use.

You see, for people not living in highly urbanized cities with city water treatment systems, they get their water from a well in the ground. Imagine that!

The only problem is, depending on where you happen to live, this can be hard water that is difficult to drink and doesn’t taste very good.

Enter the modern cloud based app.

How Apps Can Solve Hard Water

With the use of a simply smart phone app, users of compact water softeners can completely control their water system from running an app on their home.

This brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to homeowners using these kinds of water softening filters.

By using a computer algorithm, users can customize and optimize when the best time for their water softener systems to turn on and begin their process.

How does all this help?

Well, the biggest impact this will have on homeowners is cost savings. By optimizing the best times to turn on your water softener system, you can make sure it’s not kicking on at peak energy consumption times, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars each month on electricity.

Not many people think that this kind of customization makes that much of a difference, but when you average it out over 5 to 10 years, it can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. If you figure it this way, you can basically buy yourself a car every 5 to 8 years with the energy savings from your water softener system.

How Does This Save Money on Water Softening?

In case you’re not too familiar with the electricity market (and, let’s be honest, why would you be?), I’ll give a brief explanation of it here.

Electricity is just like any other commodity or product or service that we buy on the market and when there is a higher demand for it the price goes up. When there is a lower demand for it, the price goes down.

The peak electricity consumption is in the early evening, and the demand goes down to almost nothing late at night when people are sleeping. This means prices are much less expensive late in the night. If you can schedule your softening schedule around this time, you can save boatloads of money.

With this new app, you can do just that. You can completely customize your schedule to save the most money possible.

As an added bonus and convenience too, you can run the system virtually from your phone from anywhere. This helps if you just forget to run it one day or if you don’t have it set up to run automatically.

It’s wonderful to see how much easier technology makes out lives each and every day.