Must Have Technologies for Bug out Survival

Were you ever a Boy Scout or Girl Scout as a kid? I was a Boy Scout, and I had a blast going out in the outdoors with nothing but a knapsack. I found it so rewarding to know that I could survive in the wild with just a few different items and I would be safe.

This is something I’m still proud of to this day, but times are changing.

Technology Meets Survivalism

Now, I still appreciate a true survivalist. Someone who can live off the fat of the land, making shelters out of nothing, hunting, fishing, cooking with a fire built by your own two hands. That is awesome.

But there are so many cool different technologies out there, that I had to greatly expand my emergency bug out bag backback to include a whole lot more than my Boy Scout knapsack included in it.

Energy in the Outdoors

The coolest innovation in outdoor survivalism since I was a kid has got to be in the energy/electricity generation department.

Energy is essential to life, and for people who don’t go camping, they don’t really understand just how many of us take things like electricity for granted. In some places it can get dark by 5 p.m. Imagine ending your day at 5 p.m.

Heck, I don’t even get out of work by 5 p.m.

Anyway, there have been some really cool developments in electricity generation using solar panels and other technologies that I have marked as essential survival gear.

The coolest thing, in my opinion is a generator tool that takes the energy from a small wood lit fire and converts that into electricity that you can use to charge your phone, a GPS, or anything via USB. How awesome is that? I can make a fire to warm myself, cook my food, and charge my phone! That is incredible.

Now I know a lot of purists will get mad at me for bringing a phone, but honestly if you’re in an emergency/survival situation and you can get out of it by just charging a phone, you’re stupid not to.

Water Consumption Gets Tech Upgraded

Another major thing they taught me when I was in the Boy Scouts was how to identify clean drinking water.

Well, today, water filtration has come a long way, and there are some amazing filters on the market. The coolest one is a straw of sorts that you can literally just drink out of from any lake or stream. It removes 99.9% of bacteria from normal stream water.

This is the coolest hiking and camping water filter I have seen on the market to date.

More Efficient Nutrition

Lastly, the food that we now bring in emergency situations has so radically changed from when I was a kid.

Today, you can pack several thousand calories into an energy bar—even food tablet! These can keep you sustained for far longer than the old emergency food supplies that they used to give soldiers in WW2.

You can last for weeks on this stuff. Granted, the taste still isn’t there, but you can carry weeks worth of supplies with you, and the shelf life is crazy. Twenty plus years for some of it.

All of the tech upgrades have really made it easy on the kids of today, but for an adult like me who can appreciate it, it’s really cool to see how far we have come.

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